Top Tips for First Time Cannabis Smokers

So if you have finally decided to buy weed now that it is legal, here is everything you should know before smoking marijuana.

You may not get high

The first time needn’t always be the ‘best time’. Be prepared to not get high. There could be a possibility that you may not get high and it is okay. You may not do it properly or you may just be nervous. Its fine there is always a second chance.

Breathe in deeply

Inhaling is the only way you can actually feel the high. The euphoric feeling is only likely to reach you if you actually inhale. Let the smoke fill up your lungs and feel the high.

Don’t get dehydrated

Either before or after smoking weed, you are going to have to drink lots of water. And by lots we mean LOTS. Do it before, if you want to feel like a sportsperson who is heading out to a game.

Do some research, before you pick your joint.

And by research we don’t mean just randomly accepting something a friend recommends. If it is your first time don’t go overboard and know exactly what you are going to smoke. This is will help you enjoy your smoke session better and help you ease up. Doing the gravity bong on your first time could mean you may never want to smoke weed again, so make smart decisions not stupid ones.

Don’t head out to socialise

Heading out to meet some work -friends, getting some food or driving could mean potential scenarios where you could be in trouble. Order food online and stay home instead of driving or walking to a restaurant.

Don’t plan anything else for the day/night

If it is your first time then clear your schedule for the day. Don’t plan on getting emergency work done after reaching home, or any kind of work related deadline. Simply said, don’t plan anything for the day or that night. Falling asleep is fine, be prepared to wake up late, like really late. Just relax and enjoy yourself.

Stay away from the weirdos

This should be a rule of life in general, but is very important when smoking weed. The last thing you want to do is to end up passing out at a strangers place and wake up in a park without your wallet. It has happened to people before, and can happen again. Stay in a familiar environment, smoking only what you know you are smoking. Again-the first time don’t smoke something someone just offers you if you don’t know how much or what is in it.

It is ok to say no

And saying no is better than being the wierdo who got so sick they landed at the ER. If you feel high-enough (if that’s even a term) then it is fine to say no to the next round. Knowing your limits is super important.

Friends who smoke

Having a group of friends you can smoke with is the best way to enjoy weed. Smoking solo is not as exciting as you may think. Have reliable friends, stay away from the sketchy people who you don’t know very well and enjoy your time building deep bonds with your friends.

Put your phone away

Drunk-texting is real and high-texting is even more real. Put your phone away when you are high. Live in the moment.

Enjoy yourself!

This should have been the first point, but we decided to save the most important for the last. Enjoy yourself like you never have before. If you love good food then enjoying some yummy snacks right after a smoke session could be the thing for you. Weed makes food taste a lot better. Weed can actually improve your creative potential, help you lose weight and prevent diabetics (It is true- research it)

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