New Brunswick Hopes Marijuana Will Drive Rural Economic Recovery

Maritimes hopes the marijuana industry will create three thousand jobs in the next five years, according to media reports.

Unemployment rates have been high in the province but due to cannabis companies, jobs reports are expected to get better. New jobs from cannabis companies like Zenabis have brought relief to a region where unemployment rates usually reach double digits. Now they are only touching high single digits.

Cannabis is expected to change the economy of New Brunswick. The province’s debt situation has been bad and rising up to the challenge of bringing in more companies has been the only way out.

New Brunswick was also one of the first provinces to agree when the Liberal government said its plans to legalize marijuana.

“We have a great workforce, we have real estate that is cheaper than many other jurisdictions across the country. We have a willingness to figure it out, and do whatever we can to bring some of the investments and jobs to our province.” Premier Brian Gallant recently told reporters.

New Brunswick is one of four Atlantic provinces on the east coast of Canada and is the only bilingual province according to the According to the Constitution of Canada. The Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey of 2012 noted that New Brunswick had the lowest proportion of people reporting past-year cannabis use of any Canadian province, at 8.5%

New Brunswick is currently home to two large marijuana growing facilities and a third facility is being constructed. They are expected to produce around 15,500 kilos of marijuana in a year. The produce is expected to be sold at government operated stores in New Brunswick apart from being sent to other provinces and even shipped internationally.

The province has also allowed more stores per capita than its neighbours. With a population of about 760,000, New Brunswick has 20 provincially-run cannabis stores. This is much higher than the neighbouring Quebec which has 20 stores for a population of 8.4 million.

New Brunswick’s ambitions are playing out well. The cannabis industry has already created around six hundred jobs while three thousand more are expected over the next five years, according to experts.

Some experts have said that finding employees for those jobs could be tough, while others remain positive and hope that more people will re-locate to the province and help bolster its economy.

The minimum age to use, buy, grow or possess cannabis for recreational use in New Brunswick is 19 and Cannabis must not be consumed in a public place or in a motor vehicle, whether it’s moving or not.

Adults may buy up to 30 grams of cannabis from a Cannabis NB retail store, and possess no more than this amount in public, but there is no limit on the amount that may be possessed at an adult’s home. Hotels and campgrounds can restrict the smoking and vaping of cannabis but not ban other methods of consumption. A household may grow up to four plants. Purchases may be made only through Cannabis NB, whether a store or e-commerce site and no advertising of cannabis is allowed.

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